Albert E. Trapezoid

About me and this site:

I am addicted to music and I finally have the courage to admit it! I have a lifetime of useless music facts and statistics wedged into the various wrinkles of my brain. Not to mention experiences, stories and opinions (and “they’re very good indeed!” to paraphrase The Soft Boys).  With today’s technology I’m able to find and listen to more music than ever to feed my addiction.

So I decided I wanted to create an outlet for my interest in music, but how? Since no one before has ever put their thoughts about music on the internet (…ahem…) I came up with the idea for this website to do just that. I plan to have reviews, stories, opinions, or whatever else comes to mind. Some of what I post may be about things new or obscure, some may be about things older or well known, and still others may fall anywhere else on the musical spectrum since I have a wide variety of interests (in other words I like all kinds of music; I like both country and western, as they say). Mainly, I’m trying to use this site as a fun and creative outlet to share music “stuff”. Let me know what you think.

This site is very much a work-in-progress and I’ll be adding to it regularly. I hope you enjoy it; thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll visit often.